DDFX Forex Trading System – Live Trading results – 29th Aug to 2nd September 2011 – Back to Decent Profits

The DDFX system is back in action and I’m happy to say that’s its been a good week again!

Starting with GBPUSD, a short in the early hours which yield 52 pips. There was a long period of weird non-trending price bars and I closed when it peeked aboved the yellow trailing stop line.

The second trade was also a short, I had my order to short at the break of the low of the first price bar which took a few hours to kick in. The market dwindled for a while before moving downwards and I closed on the first blue price bar for 58 pips.

Coming to the end of the week, although there was a possibility of a long, I didn’t trade. News in the form of Non-Farm Payrolls can play havoc with the markets coupled with the Bank Holiday in the US for Monday, I put in my order to go long.

So, all in all, pretty good on the GBPUSD this week with a total of 110 pips.

The EURUSD pair was pretty much similar except by a few hours. I only got 20 pips before I closed on the appearance of the first blue price bar. I also had an order to go long and luckily it didn’t trigger.

The second short was a really nice trade.. I shorted on the break of the low of the first red trigger bar and rode it down.. I got out when the price action touched the yellow trailing bar for 109 pips. I was gutted however as I got out at right the top when the market fell for another 100 pips.

Anyway, can’t complain I supposed as I made 129 pips in total from the EURUSD pair.

In total 239 pips profit for the week!

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