Daytrading the DOW

So, I’m back again on the DOW to see if I can get some more profits from it..  I grabbed a few profits yesterday and thought I’d give it a go today. In the past, I have found that the DOW is extremely volatile and difficult to trade. However, if I can try and trade it only when there is a break of some sort and ride it as far as until it looks like it’s hit something.

So today, I was waiting for a break of 10400 which it did. I went short and for a few minutes it went above my entry point.. ok, it wasn’t a great deal, 10 points or so on my 40 pip stop. Still, I’ve been burnt many times on the DOW and I always expect the worst with it.

The market did indeed fall and I got out with a 55 point profit which was rather nice 🙂

The market however, did get a bit lower.. at 10313 so I could have grabbed another 30 points or so but I’m happy with my lot today!

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