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How does Clickbank work?

Following my cheques (that's how they're spelt in the UK!), I've had a few people mail me to ask me what Clickbank is and how does it work. Well, for the likes of you and me, Clickbank is a seller of digital delivered products and has two modes of operation. I'll take each in turn. Firstly, for those people who want to sell something electronically (ie software, eBook etc), Clickbank allows you to sell your product through them. This also means for the customer purchasing your book, the r

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The problem with tight stops and spreadbetting – FTSE shorting

I put on a FTSE short this morning on my spreadbetting platform at 5780 with a stop at 5820.. it started off a bit dodgy and then hit my stop by 0.5 points before falling (5820.5)!!! Arrrgh! This is really annoying and I ended up nursing a 40 point loss. The price is currently 5745 which would have been a nice profit at this stage!! I should have put the stop a bit higher, I was thinking of it as it had previously bounced at this level. With spreadbetting companies, they move their spreads

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Buying your property for free and then some free cash

Buying your property for free and then some free cash

Hi all, I have recently read a book by Andy Shaw who is a property investor. He details the methods in how he has acquired a string of property and make money from it. The basics of it is being able to get property at a discount, finding a motivated seller etc and then quickly remortgage to get some money and then basically rent it out. It's quite a simple and straightforward way of doing it and there have been a string of people who have followed him and made money. To learn about Andy

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