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Poker Bots earn up to £50,000 says Sunday Times

Pokerbots such as Pokerbot-Online and Hold-Em Bot can earn up to £50,000 (that's over $71,000 USD) per year playing Poker as mentioned in the Sunday Times today (the link is here if you want to read the article) I mentioned Poker Bots sometime ago on a previous post (click here to read) but I never really followed it up. Anyway, after reading the article again, I've decided that I should research a bit more.. especially if they can earn that sort of money by doing absolutely nothing at all.

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Make Money while you sleep – part 3 of 3 (Poker Bots)

Hi all, Unfortunately my trading platform went down today so I was unable to trade. Nevermind, I had an entry on the DOW at 13170 short and it would be 40 points up if I were able to trade it. Oh well!  Anyway, here is part 3 of Making Money while you sleep. This isn't about financial trading but online poker. There are a huge number of people now playing poker and there are also some who make it their main source of income. Growth in this area has become huge and you're not pitted agains

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