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How much tax is paid on casino winnings?

Casinos are a great place to go in order to enjoy yourself, whether you are a casino games novice or a seasoned veteran there will always be something to enjoy. For people on their first trip to a casino it can sometimes be a little overwhelming how much there really is to do, as there are bars and restaurants as well as other attractions to see and do. Having been to a casino some people then understand how exciting a life being a professional gambler would be, winning vast sums of money in Jac

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Casino Win

Casino Win

I don't usually play casino but Intercasino sent me a message to say that I'd not played for a while and if I don't I may lose my money.. ugh! This really annoys me when they force you to play as they know that most likely you're going to lose money and put it in their pockets! Anyway, I thought I'd play a little to pass the time I have played Roulette in the past with some success (just have to ensure that you play systematically.. it's surprising how so many people can't do that!) but it's

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600 Percent in 6 days – Free to first 10 punters!

Hi All, For a while now, I've been selling the report on my website for £20 (approx $40). This is based on gambling on Internet casinos so if this something which you don't like to even touch with a barge pole, no problem, this report will be no use to you. Please allow those who are genuinely interested to try this. Do have a read of the page, I know it may sound too good to be true but I am prepared to give away 10 copies to the first 10 people who leave a com

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