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A Betfair interface for the Ipad

A Betfair interface for the Ipad

No sooner had I discovered The Geeks Toy for Betfair, I also find that there is a bit of software called Bet Tornado for the iPad. This is a free bit of software for trading/betting on Betfiar using your Ipad. How cool is that? I've installed it on my iPad and it looks good. It amazes me that people invest so much money to give away programs for free. What a wonderful world we live in :) Check out their video.. the music is a bit dramatic is my only comment!

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Free Forex alerts – get them whilst they’re free

Free Forex alerts - get them whilst they're free

The Daily FX website have a new Forex alerting service.. it's currently on a free trial. I can't personally recommend it as I've not tested it myself (I only heard about it today) but feel free to have a look.. in fact, let me know how you are finding it. Go to and sign up. They trade 3 strategies; breakout, range and momentum against all the currency pairs. Looking down the Trade Details box, the P/L is currently showing: +108, -113, +701, +93,

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The facets of investing – fascinating site for anyone interested in the stock markets and Excel

I didn't know how to describe this properly but I found a fascinating site at This site has all sorts of data which show all sorts of fascinating and interesting things to do with the stock markets. The spreadsheets are great, you can use them to do all sorts of stuff... you can do things like download financial data from Yahoo and draw all sorts of graphs, run simulations and generally tweak to your hearts content. I got lost in this site for hours downloading an

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