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When can you say that you’re Trading the Financial Markets successfully?

When can you say that you're Trading the Financial Markets successfully?

Hi All Yes, I'm still around and don't post as frequent as I used to but I think that's part of the evolutionary process with regards to trading. Initially, you have so many questions, so many thoughts and just want to document everything. I've felt that I had nothing new to add with regards to new thoughts and experiences as I feel I've gone full circle... my trading is now successful and I've at least experienced and adapted to all the various scenarios which Trading can throw at me. No

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Simon Grinter – Someone I met in my Trading Career

Years ago, in 2008 I met some accountant turned forex trader who had a website called S3 forex and he seemed to be doing rather well. In fact, his old blog is still around, though it's not been updated in ages: If you scroll to the beginning, you can see that he started off doing very well making quite a bit of money on his trades. He offered a paid forex seminar and I went along.. my post about it at the time is here:

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Text Link Ads do work!

Text Link Ads do work!

Althought 90% of the blog here is about my financial trading on forex (or indices), I originally set up the blog to capture all my money making ideas on the Internet. Trading is what I am truly passionate about which is why I trading the markets every day. However, as an entrepreneur, I have also monetised my blog sites (Make Me Some Money isn't the only blog that I own). I have Google Adsense set up, sponsorships and Text Link Ads. For most people Google Adsense is the top money earner fo

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