Buying and Selling the DOW

If you look at the 1 min chart of the Dow Jones below.. you can see that the market in the yellow box wasn’t doing too much.. however, I was trading in this region, selling and buying when I should have been doing anything. I saw that the market had dropped and I was expecting to see a bounce back up to around 8500 at least… however, the adage is ‘trade what you see, not what you think’ and I failed miserably.. in total, I made two trades in this region,  both lost to the accumulative amount of 70 points! Ouch!

I then went to the gym and when I came back, I saw what had happened.. the market had dropped and fell a further 200 points from the baseline 8350.. in hindsight, it looks like an easy entry.. unfortunately, I wasn’t around to capitalise on it!

I have said many times that I should leave the Dow alone.. I really need to set some rules to stick by them…

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