Blog update – what’s been happening last week? Trading and Google Page Rank

Hi All,

For those that follow the blog, you would have found that last week, there wasn’t that many updates from my side.

It had been a very busy week at the 9-to-5 with some operational challenges at work to deal with. Also, there were a few social events to attend to and I only managed to put in 1 day of trading.

Anyway, I have noticed that my site finally has a Google Page Rank now of 3! Hoorah! My website is being seen and linked to from other places.

In short, Google Page Rank is a scale from 1 – 10 on how visible your webpage is to the world. 0 means that it is not visible at all and 10 means that it is very visible. Bottom line, a higher Page Rank is an indication that you will get more visitors to your site and hence you can charge more for sponsorships/advertising.

To read more, the Wikipedia entry is here

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