Blog update – Google Adsense – down and out!

Hi All,

Last night I received a note from Google that my Adsense account has been suspended! They gave no indication as to why this has happened, they just closed my account.

I wrote back to them to ask them why this has been done and they wrote back with

“Thank you for your email. Upon receipt of your response, we have thoroughly reviewed your account and have confirmed that it was not in compliance with our programme policies. We have implemented these policies to help ensure the effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as our advertisers. For this reason, we are unable to reinstate you into the programme.

Please note that due to the proprietary nature of our algorithm, we cannot disclose any details about how our monitoring technology works or what specifics we found on your account.


The Google AdSense Team”


Hmm, that’s helpful isn’t it? I have no idea what the problem is but I have had to replace the spot with ads from Bidvertiser. However, it is¬†frustrating as the Adsense stuff was generating hits! I guess they were only interested in keeping the revenue for themselves! Not to worry, I guess you win some you lose some.. upwards and onwards!

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