Blog update – end 2007

A measure of how your blog is growing is determined by the average number of visitors, Google Pagerank, blog worth etc.

I am seeing steady growth in user numbers which is great but it does involve myself building backlinks to other sites, contacting other blog site members and exchanging links. I am also registering the site to blog directories on a consistent basis so there’s certainly a lot of work involved.

Of course, for a site to grow, you need to update the site consistently. Each time I have posted a new article or post, the blog is set to ‘ping’ all the blog directories and if I have time, I will submit the site manually to Digg, Reddit and other social networking sites.

Google Pagerank is another way to see how popular the site is. The higher the Pagerank the better and each successive Pagerank number is a doubling in popularity of the site. My site reached Google Pagerank of 3.. I am not sure how far it is from 4 but I hope it’s not too far away!

Blog Worth is another way to monitor growth, it gives your site an arbitary worth in monetary value. My Blog Worth is currently £4,290.00 UK sterling which in the scheme of things is still rather small but it’s getting there!!

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