Blog sponsorship update

Hi All,

If you’ve been following my blog to the letter (highly unlikely), you would have read that I had a sponsor who were paying me each month in exchange for some small unintrusive adverts.

To revisit that post, go here:

Well, the set up was that you would use Paypal and set up a subscription so that you receive payment each month. Anyway, the month has come already and I received a note from Paypal regarding the subscription… however, it said that the payment had not gone through!

“Oh no” I thought to myself, perhaps they didn’t think it was much value in advertising on my blog. Anyway, I contacted them again and it turns out that it was a Paypal error. They were still happy to continue sponsorship.

Shortly afterwards, we sorted out the Paypal problem and I received my second payment! Excellent!

They maybe still offering blog sponsorships, I recommend that you go and have a look through the above link.

Best wishes


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