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I like to diversify the way I make money… as you know, the blog has a strong element of financial trading of which is my main passion..  unfortunately, over the weekends, the financial and Forex markets aren’t open for trading so I like to look at other things such as playing Casino or Betfair.

As a quick diversion, I have my Casino strategy that I play at and currently, it’s a free download so have a look if you’re interested.

The other alternative at the weekends is Betfair which is betting on sports. Betfair also have other things such as casino, financial bets etc. but I use them mainly for bettings on sports.

Anyway, I have found a tool called Bet Angel which is a plugin to Betfair and allows you to ‘see’ the markets more clearly. Now Bet Angel can be quite a complicated program if you don’t know what you’re doing and is mainly good for the horse racing markets which are fast moving.

However, they also have their free version which you can use if you want something simple and not too sophisticated.. this is the one that I use. You can use it to watch the odds move up and down and hence trade a trend (just like the financial markets).

You can download the free Bet Angel program here:

There are also online videos which you can view to learn more about the Bet Angel Professional product here:

The basic tool has worked wonders for me and one day I would like to learn how to ‘trade’ using the Professional product also..  anyway, just thought it maybe useful to some of you!

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