Back to losing… S&P emini trading… more frustration and stress

After my winning day on the live account, I’m down and out again. I had some errands to run for the other half and I came back today to see that the market had moved substantially already. I felt a bit annoyed that I had missed all this.

I sold on a pullback to find that the move was more than a pullback and stop me out. Then I went long thinking that the market would go higher… well, it still looks like it wants to go higher but it stop me out before doing so. I’ve hit the limit for the day and that stops me from further placing any more trades.

It’s extremely frustrating and I dread picking up the phone when my trending mentor calls to tell me that I’ve been put back to simulator… hopefully, I’ll ignore phone calls and he’ll go away.

Right now, I don’t feel like trading anymore… it’s very stressful and frustrating. It’s like two steps forward, three steps back.

I’ll rest for the weekend and revisit on Monday and see how I feel.

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