Another winning trade – USDCAD

I worked the whole weekend and today, I was exhausted coming back from work. I didn’t really feel like trading but I have got used to making some consistent profits over the past couple of weeks. I have had a good winning streak and my account is again, sitting at all time highs. My account is 50% higher than it’s opening and I hope that I can keep it this way.

Today’s trade was a short of the USDCAD. The market had enjoyed a tremendous run up to the point of exhaustion when it promptly fell like a stone.. I went in after the bounce when the forex pairs was looking to head lower. My entry at 1.2565 yielded a decent 30 points almost straight after my trade but then it bounced back up and I was thinking that perhaps I could have closed out then.. However, my stop was at 1.2575 so it was still fine and then it fell again. I too profit at 1.2524 for 41 points. Market looks like it can go lower but I’m too exhausted from the weekend.. I’m just glad to have been able to bag some profit!

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