Adventures of a Currency Trader by Rob Booker – Book Review

 I purchased Rob Booker’s Adventures of a Currency Trader a couple of weeks ago from Amazon. The book tells the story of our hero, Harry Banes on his quest to become a successful Currency trader. We follow Harry from his first adventures thinking that it’s an easy endeavour and losing all (well, most) of his money to him, becoming successful and making money consistently.

The book is a work of fiction and attempts to draw parallels between the reader (if they have dabbled in the markets and been unsuccessful) and Harry. The path to becoming a successful trader takes time, there is a learning process involved and you will lose money initially. We follow Harry through these steps and you get an idea of where you are.

There is a happy ending and Harry makes it… it doesn’t take him long but in reality, the steps can take years to master. The book is a easy and fun read and I recommend it to all those who have some aspirations to becoming a successful trader.

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