27th September – S&P emini futures trading log

Hi All,

Got back home at around 7pm today. I initially thought that I would not see any action but when the market hit the 154300 level, I went short. This level was reached earlier in the trading day and fell like stone..

When I shorted it at 154250, it did indeed fall. My target was 153950 but I closed early at 154050 for a +8 profit.

 Shortly afterwards the market bounced at the 153875. I didn’t realise this at the time but if you draw a line from the intraday lows of the day, they match up exactly.

 Anyway, as the market went higher again, I once shorted again at the 154300 level. However, this time it failed and I ended up with a loss.

I had put on a stop (from previous trade) and reverse at 154450. Ok, so now I’m long at this point.. hoping for further movement upwards!

Unfortunately, this was not the case.. market fell away hit my stop and went up again. It’s now at 154475 which is rather frustrating.

Overall -8 loss today!

27th September trading

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