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Futex Trading Academy – my thoughts

Futex Trading Academy - my thoughts

Hi All, The other day I went to the open evening at Futex's London office. I got off at Temple station and walked up.. it was a pleasant few minute walk and it's here: My first thoughts walking into the office was that it was rather small. However, this is the new London office and their main one is in Woking. There were seats for around 15 - 20 stations with multiple screen set ups. Walking through the office space to towards the end I was lead into a room with around 8 - 10 delegates

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Shia LaBoeuf makes almost $500k daytrading!

The young star of Transformers who is in the sequel to Wall Street (with Michael Douglas) called Wall Street 2 (also with Michael Douglas) claims to have made almost $500k from $20k whilst he was preparing for his role for the film. He went into a prop trading house for 2 months and made a killing from it! I don't know what to say...  he was there for such a short amount of time and he did that?! I have been at it work all this time and still trying to figure it out! Anyway, check out the in

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