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FXCM Forex Selector Update

FXCM Forex Selector Update

For those following, I mentioned that I signed up for the free 30 day trial of the FXCM System Selector and attached the TrendEscape trading system to it for the GBPUSD and GBPJPY forex pairs. Yesterday when I checked, I was about $2000 down from the demo portfolio.. it started at $100,000. The last trades where a short of both the two pairs which amount to losses. Right now, the account has dropped further.. another $1000 and the current live trades are slightly down at $100 loss or so....

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GBPJPY trade – detailed trade analysis

GBPJPY trade - detailed trade analysis

My trading of late hasn't been particularly good..  I know I haven't updated the blog with these trades but in total, I had traded 6 times with a total loss of around 500 pips! Ouch! Anyway, last night, I sat and spent a lot of time thinking... where did I go wrong? What happened to the success I was having? I think the key to being successful is to be adaptable... the trading rules change when the markets change.. you need to have a trading strategy for trending markets and ranging marke

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Automated Forex Trading System – FXCM

Automated Forex Trading System - FXCM

I am finding trading quite difficult lately.. the techniques which I have been trading with have not been doing so well and as a result, my account has plummetted. I wrote around December/January time that my account had reached all time highs.. the market was really good with me and I made a killing.. however, the market has changed and what I was doing which worked before, doesn't work any more... trading really is tough! Also, it is hard to find the time to stalk and wait for these opportu

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