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The trading rules applied!

The trading rules applied!

I had a lot of 'rules' in my head today regarding my trading which I wanted to adhere to. They were: Only trade when there is a signal, wait for confirmation before entry Try and hold out for greater profits, move stop loss to next level each time theĀ market moved my direction Try and be objective, resist the urge to take small profit if the market is still behaving or going my way Watch for the longer term trends to gauge the directional trade biasĀ and use the shorter timeframes to

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Waaaah! Trading dilemma – Daytrading the S&P

Waaaah! Trading dilemma - Daytrading the S&P

When I got back home, the market was slowly dying a death.. the market was heading lower and lower. The stochastics charts were flatlined at the lower end and not moving much at all in both the 5 and 15 minute charts. I went short and tried to hold it as long as I could from 132275.. it managed to get as low as 132050 before it headed higher and hit my stop for -3 (it would have been lower but I learnt my lesson from yesterday and that's to move the stop down as the price moves beyond each le

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Run your winners, cut out the losers – trading adage

Run your winners, cut out the losers - trading adage

The subject of this trading is a very well known trading adage and for those who trade, I'm sure you've seen it many times before. However, how many people can actually do this? We are programmed to lose by nature with the stock market.. peoples' emotions mean that they tend to hold onto their losers in the hope that they can recover any losses but the winning trades are those that we cut short once their in profit (simply as it feels nice to be in profit). In the short term, you will lose th

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