1st Feb – Second trading session – S&P Emini trading blog

Well here I am back trading again. I found having the complete day to trade really helps me get a general view of what’s happening the market.

I fired in two countertrend trades in this session. Short at 138675 as the market made a top.. I closed at 138500 which happened to be the bottom.

The market then rocketted up to 139500 when I then shorted again at 139275.

The two trades earned me +13 which earned me a total of 32 prices for the day.

Looking back on this trading session, I completely missed the long from 138500 to 139500. It’s always safer to trade with the trend and I need to learn to watch for these trades. Just the one long trade from 138500 to 139500 would have taken 40 prices which is more than my total for the day.

There’s still an hour to go but I’m knackered!

Have a good weekend!


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