£700 in 10 minutes, Tom Hougaard and the London Forex Show

I think it’s always important to keep yourself learning when it comes to trading. I’ve been rather quiet lately as I’ve other things happening in my life which I knew could affect my trading and after a little while, I felt a bit out of touch with the markets when I went back to have a look at them. Friday gone, I went to the London Investor Show at the Kensington Olympia. It’s good to see what new developments there are in the trading scene and meet like minded people. They had a whole series of workshops and I went to a couple of those. The one which I enjoyed most was Tom Hougaard and his “Live Trading” seminar where he was to trading live for an hour! However, the slot that he had been allocated was a lunchtime slot when most traders are out of lunch and hence volatility is low… hence not great time. Still, he did manage to put on a trade which actually didn’t do too much and he closed it for a small loss.

However, he did have his trading screen up on the projection as you can see and had some profits which he had banked earlier. If you zoom into the picture you can see that he had placed 5 trades between 10.34am and 10.47am and made a healthy profit of £68, £260, £100, £30 and £228 = £686 or approximately £700! Not bad for just over 10 minutes work.

He talked about a few things to pass the time if there weren’t many trading opportunities – harmonics, the ‘high five’ set up, ‘master and servant’ and the ‘morning trade’.

Very educational, I enjoyed it and Tom seems like a really nice guy too!

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