WordPress 2.3.1 upgrade

Hi all,

Today, in the office, I thought I would upgrade the blog to the latest WordPress version. The latest version is 2.3.1 and I was thinking to myself whether it was worth the risk of the blog going down. The new release has a heap of bug fixes and things to make your blog more compliant.

Anyway, it’s the last working day until the New Year for me anyway… it’s quiet so why not. I read the WordPress documentation, as always there’s the quick 3 step guide which can be found here:


I like the easy guides so I followed it. As a precaution, I ftp’d the whole site off to a machine on my C drive and then downloaded the new version.

I then copied over the files from the ZIP archive over to my FTP site and overwrote all files… and that was it!!

When I fired up the website again, there was some database errors and my first thought was “what have you done??”

However, if you go into the admin pages.. before you can go any further there’s a screen which says that you need to update the database. You click the button and off you go!!! It was all done.. the website has now been upgraded and working perfectly.. I can’t believe how easy it was!!

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