Winning Dow Signals – 2nd Review for 2012

Around April last year (2011) I signed up to test the Winning Dow Signals forex alerting service. Although their results page looked good, I ended up suffering losses of 600 pips in the month which was horrible. Not surprising, I couldn’t recommend it as a service for those who want to use this sort of thing.

Anyway, they had another £9.95 trial on offer via an email blast and I thought that I would give it another go…  their website does state some losing months and I could have just joined at a losing month. Last time the trial was 30 days, this time it was 2 weeks.

Still, I would follow it religiously and see what the results were.

So last week, following the signals, the results were as below:

8 trades were triggers for the week commencing 1st October 2012. 6 losers and 2 winners. Overall, -105 pips down! Not good!

This week, the result are the following:

12 trades here, this time I have 10 winners and 2 losers. Overall I am 159 pips up!

Over the course of two weeks, I am up 54 pips!

With the trial, they send you all their signals. However, if you’re a paying customer you can select the types of signals to trade. I only traded the Daily Forex Set and Forget Signals in the two weeks. I did receive the daytrading alerts for Oil but I wasn’t able to follow them.. usually by the time I had seen their email alert, the market had already moved. The other alerts (Dow Scalp, Weekly Set and Forgets etc) didn’t trigger.

My thoughts? I certainly think that this type of trading system suits those people who want to have orders in the market every day. You’re bound to get one or two trades trigger. The trades have a target and limit so requires very little to do. From my previous experience, I felt much better with Winning Dow Signals but the profit in 2 weeks of 54 pips isn’t enough for me to justify continuing this signal service (my own trades, I’d look to make this in one trade). The minimal subscription is £75 per month.

If you do want to have a look, go to:


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