Trading the S&P Emini

Hi all,

I traded the S&P Emini today but it was full of false signals… a very choppy and difficult day. Everytime it broke upwards, it hovered for a while before dropping again. It looked like it wanted to go up near the open after the initial push a few times but each time it failed. Then when it dropped below the neckline at atound 146200 it bounced right back up through it again!! Arrgh, frustrating!

I ended up down today but I followed my plan. Some days, I would do ok following this plan.. I guess when the markets are like this, it maybe better just to stay clear! Markets are still looking a bit uneasy.. it’s almost like people are expecting a large fall at some point, a lot of anxiety in the market I think!

Trading the S&P Emini - 22nd August 2007

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