Trading the S&P .. completely lost focus!

Hi All,

Another day back at watching the charts! Things are not working well at all! My trading tutor hasn’t been in contact for a week or so as he’s been setting up new offices in the US.

I guess it’s almost like when the cats away the mice come out to play.

I should be trading 1 contract lots and I did initially today. I lost 10 prices on this so I thought I would trade 2 contracts on the next trade. I did that and once again, lost. Ok, I’m a bit frustrated at this point and put in 5 contracts and lose this also!!

I’m glad it’s not a real account but I still feel a bit sick in the stomach… ok, no real money lost but my trading tutor is not going to be pleased with the result and my chances of going live I can see moves further away from me.

I guess it’s time to refocus and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes. Try and forget what has happened…

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Category: Emini futures, money, Trading