Trading is Easy*

* In hindsight!!

Yes, it’s true.. when you look back on charts you think to yourself.. wow, the charts did this and I would have entered here and exited here. It was obvious as the stochastics turned right at my entry and once again when I exited.

However, when trading live and watching the markets bounce around, it isn’t as easy as you think to pull it off. The indicators are lagging so they do not form until after the move.

Then you have your trading psychology to deal with and this determines if you’ve been winning or losing for the day already. There are a lot of unforeseen variables when you trade live. It’s all good and well having charts to look back on and thinking that you would have made a killing.. believe me, it’s not that easy when there’s real money on the line.

Anyway, I was out last night (some Xmas celebrations with friends) and didn’t trade. I have looked back on the charts and I have identified regions where I think I would have entered. A short position just under 148000… I am not sure where I would have taken profit but I would have move the stopped to entry shortly after the move down.

And then as the stochastics turned, I would have liked to think that I would have entered long above 148000.

Remember what I said though, it’s easy in hindsight but I don’t know if I would have done this in the live environment!


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