Trading for 2014 and beyond for Make Me Some Money!

First of all, Happy New Year to you all! I wish you the very best in your trading for 2014 and beyond! The blog is now almost 7 years old.. can you believe it?  Well, my trading has evolved leaps and bounds over the years and I think it’s a thoroughly worthwhile pursuit despite the many years of frustration and losses at the start.

These days, I find that it difficult to always update the blog as I’m trading pretty much the same consistent way and although there is always learning to be had, the knowledge that I have acquired to know what I need to know and expect remains pretty much consistent now. I know that one always needs to respect the market and to be able to control ones emotions…  it’s like walking a tightrope.. you can’t be too confident nor can you be too cautious.

I think the next step for me for this blog is to develop the eBook that I’ve been talking about these last couple of years and perhaps offer something a bit more exclusive for readers who want more. I am finding that time is becoming less and less now that we are starting a family and other priorities are starting to eat into my time. Trading for myself is part of the priority but I’m finding it difficult to dedicate time to posting my entries on the blog.. you’ll see that there are a lot more updates on Twitter as it’s quick and easy to do. I would like to post more charts on what I’m seeing but that’s not too easy to do when I’m on the iPhone.

Please do let me know if you have any ideas on how you would like to see Make Me Some Money develop…

For those following me on Twitter, you’ll see that I’ve posted this years first trade.. long Euro with a 50 pip stop and a 100 pip target!


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