The big plan

Hi All,

Well, I got 6 hits to my blog so far which is great.. ok ok, it’s nothing like those people who get millions of hits but if I can continue with this blog and make it interesting, informative and people find and save/make money from it then fantastic!

I recently joined a trading academy. They assign you a professional trader who you’re in contact with every day and you discuss ideas/tactics etc. It’s not cheap by any means and it’s a risk.. 95% of people fail this game but people are attracted to the idea that they can all make it. Money buys you the freedom you want to do all the things in your life you want to achieve..  once you make it, you’re there.. financial freedom! Anyway, the hefty start up costs are a filtering process.. only the serious who are dedicated and believe they can make it have a chance.. it’s no easy thing.. I’ve been trying to trade seriously for 4 years now and still haven’t made it. Anyway, I get home at 6.30pm and have a couple of hours to prove myself until the US close.. so far, things haven’t gone to plan :( it’s very frustrating but I have to stick it it, I have to make it!

Oh, if you’re a fellow mortgage owner and you’re coming out of your fixed term then you’re going to be shocked when you come to remortgage.. mortgage rates are approaching and those who fixed around 4% a few years ago are going to be paying up to 50% more! Ouch! Anyway, what about Japanese Yen mortgages??? The interest rates are 0.5%!! Woah! Anyway, before you all rush to go for it.. I’ve done my research and spoke with my financial advisor about it! They are considered sophisticated mortgages and you need to be earning £150k to even be considered. Also, you’ve got currency movements to content with.. however, if you look at the Pound against the Yen, it’s grown strong over the years! Also, they say that the Japanese economy is going up and along with it the interest rates..  is it possible to fix the interest rates for mortgages like the ones in the UK? If so, then you’ve only got the currency rates to deal with and I think the Pound is heading higher against the Yen for years to come!

 Ok, that’s my bit for today.. more thoughts soon! Please leave me your comments!

 I traded a little today… made a few scalp trades on the Dow…  generally it’s way too volatile to do this.. anyway, I made 11 points! Not really impressive if you’re spreadbetting..  50 points is a general target! Anyway, at least there’s no loss today! Phew!

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