The 9 to 9 trading system

So this is the official name for my new system that I am running on the blog. I call it 9 to 9 as it draws the high and low of the chart movement between 9am and 9pm GMT time. The breakout system then goes long if it breaks the upper bar and short for the lower bar.

I traded it yesterday for a healthy profit. This system has a higher pip stop than my usual system so each trade is half the usual size which amounts to around 5% of my trading pot, money management is important!

So today, the upper line was 14619 and the lower 14508. There is a 110 pip profit target either long or short and about 100 pip stop.

Sorry about the rather basic chart screenshot but it is really basic:

As you can see so far, the system is in profit, I’ve made 90 pips so far which is pretty nice. However, the target hasn’t been hit so there is still the possibility that it reverses so although it’s a nice place to be right now, money is still at risk! Wish me luck!

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