Testing DDFX Forex System – Non-repainting system

Following my previous post on Forex systems within Metatrader which repaint, I went on the hunt for systems which specifically mention that they do not repaint. If you want to understand why, then please look at my previous posts.

The biggest advice I can give you when you’re using Metatrader systems is to ensure that it is a system that does not repaint. If it does, prepare to lose money no matter how good it looks.. repainting systems are a fraud.

Ok, so after scouring the web for something which is non-repainting (I looked for these specific words in the sales blurb) and then I look at independent reviews on the software, one which appears to be good is DDFX.

I am going to trade using this system on the 1 hour charts on GBPUSD and let you know how it goes.. if it doesn’t work out, then I’ll be posting it up for all to see on this blog!

The system is now sold on Clickbank and they are a reputable seller who will refund the full price after 60 days if there is a problem.

If you want to have a look at the system independently, feel free to test it yourself. You can get to the DDFX Forex Trading system by clicking here.

Note: If it does repaint then I’ll be letting everyone know also especially since it says it doesn’t repaint as below!

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