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Some WordPress 7 observations

Just using something called 'QuickPress' which allows you to quickly send a post to your blog as soon as you log into the Wordpress admin pages.. it has no fancy features, just a window for you to type and post to your blog instantly.. I do like this little feature as it's a bit like twitter.. a no nonsense easy and simple interface to put something quick on your blog. The other feature I've noticed (and installed) is something called Gears which is meant to speed up your blog by downloading the

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WordPress 7 upgrade

I've done it, I've upgraded the blog to version 7.0 of Wordpress and once again, it was completely painless! Well done to the Wordpress guys! It is simply a case of copying over the existing Wordpress files with the new ones, going to the WP-ADMIN page and there is a button to press to upgrade your database and there you are.. it's upgraded. The whole things looks nice too.. a lot more features have been put in.. however, it's still so new to me and I've not had a chance to explore and play w

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Blog upgrade to WordPress 2.6

I have been running my version of Wordpress 2.3.3 for ages now and even when the new 2.5.1 version came out, I didn't upgrade it. However, I thought it was due time to upgrade to the latest version now that 2.6 is out. I was most worried that the way my blog would look may change and I would spend an age trying to bring it back. I backed up 22 megs of my blog and then performed the upgrade. It's is a very simple process, you just drag the new WordPress version over the existing and it just up

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