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FTSE could explode higher!

So for those following my Tweets, you will have noted that we went Long FTSE after it had found support in the Daily charts. It is now reaching close to it's all time high again and judging from the performance of the US markets I really think it's going to pop upwards and start shooting upwards. If you look at the Weekly chart of the FTSE (below - click for larger image to see the pinbar) you can see that we have an extremely bullish pinbar.. it was all buying. We do have to be wary that we hav

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AUDUSD – Got caught by the Stop Hunters

AUDUSD - Got caught by the Stop Hunters

  This is what Friday's trade looked like. You can see that a support was formed at around 10400 and I went long after the second bounce of the support level. Although the price action was still in a downtrend, I felt that we had a good chance of a good move up from this level and hence the long trade. However, I got stopped out as the price action pushed down below support taking out the stop and then finished above the stop again. This to me looks like a push to trigger the stops b

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Why it’s Important to be Consistent Trading. My Trading Results for the Week

Why it's Important to be Consistent Trading. My Trading Results for the Week

This week we had two trades.. AUDUSD long and EURJPY long. I'll go through both of these and why I entered. Firstly AUDUSD [caption id="attachment_7671" align="alignnone" width="580"] Long AUDUSD[/caption] I went long here as the market had found a base.. it had retraced after a move up and I thought it would actually move above the previous resistance point at around 10600 and if it did, a huge move above. The following day, the market indeed shot up and if I was cautious and doing my

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