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Part-time trading.. is it possible?

Part-time trading.. is it possible?

The question has been asked many times, is it possible to become a successful trader only trading part time. I'd like to think that it is as this is what I am doing.. I hold a 9-to-5 job (which I really enjoy) and am trading in the periods where I have time.. this includes any days off and in the evenings.  However, there are people who say to me that in order to be in the consistent 5% that make money, you need to dedicate yourself to the craft of trading. I think trading takes a lot of time t

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All the trading rules broken!!

All the trading rules broken!!

I haven't been trading enough this week so I was eager to get stuck in today. My first trade was a short at 12922... the market had already come off a 50% Fib level and I was thinking that it had further to go. I had missed the move as it fell (as I had only got in at 6.30pm GMT)..  I quickly opened the short but didn't check to see that the stochastics had almost reached the oversold level. This was frustrating as I sold right at the bottom. The market went up and hit my stop for -18!! A

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FOMC – Pants! S&P Emini trading

FOMC - Pants! S&P Emini trading

At 19.00 GMT, the FOMC made it's announcement.. I had no  idea what they announced but the market didn't really do that much. I entered short when the market went below a previous support level at 135000..  unfortunately, it soon bounced back up and I had to nurse a 16 price loss! Ouch! My trade wasn't a bad one, I had traded on break of the channel. Luck wasn't on my side this time.... as I write, the market has broken up above the upper trend channel. If I had bought this, I could have gr

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