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DDFX trades – July 2011

DDFX trades - July 2011

I realised that although I had taken screenshots of the DDFX charts over the past couple of weeks, I hadn't posted them all up on the blog. So here are a couple of annotated charts taken using the DDFX system: EURJPY - 22nd to 28th July You can see where I was uncomfortable with taking the short signal. I didn't like how the sell arrows were staggered and by the time I got all 3 arrows, the market had already moved somewhat too far already. Shortly afterwards, I get a 'buy' signal... thoug

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Testing DDFX Forex System – Non-repainting system

Testing DDFX Forex System - Non-repainting system

Following my previous post on Forex systems within Metatrader which repaint, I went on the hunt for systems which specifically mention that they do not repaint. If you want to understand why, then please look at my previous posts. The biggest advice I can give you when you're using Metatrader systems is to ensure that it is a system that does not repaint. If it does, prepare to lose money no matter how good it looks.. repainting systems are a fraud. Ok, so after scouring the web for someth

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Trusting your Trading System

Trusting your Trading System

Today was a disastrous day for one of my trading systems. Let me describe below how I usually trade the system. The horizontal lines are my buy and sell lines, if the market goes above the top line, I buy and if the market goes below the bottom line I sell. The stoploss in either case is 20 pips and the limit order or potential profit is 40 pips. However, you can see today that the market was rather choppy and the short was initiated first but it never hit the limit before it shot up, hit

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