Sorry, haven’t been round often but here’s a trade I made today!

Yes, I’m afraid that I haven’t updated the blog in a while. I took 2 weeks off to get married and to be honest, I’ve somewhat lost some of the motivation to update the blog. It’s not that I’ve got sick and tired of trading.. in fact, quite the opposite! I feel that there has been some step change in my trading ability… I’ve been able to focus and have been rather disciplined with trading. As a result, my account has more than doubled through trading profits over the past few weeks and this week, I’ve made over 300 pips on forex alone!

I have spent a lot of time reading on blogs and trading forums and something which stuck out is that a lot of successful traders trade simple systems. When you’re a rookie trader, you think that trading is some super complicated thing and you end up with charts with all sorts of patterns and stuff… you end up confusing yourself and losing money as you are just moving from one way of trading to another. For those that persist and become successful, they realise that trading is a probability game.. losing trades are inevitable.. you need to have more wins than losses.

Anyway, a quick trade that I put on today was a long with the S&P… the markets aren’t moving very decisively so I took profit before the previous high got reached.. however, the market has gone beyond so may well fly… I took 2 points however and was happy with this…

21 August SP

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