Some Betfair trading today

I mentioned that I don’t do any Forex trading during the bank holidays and I got so bored so I thought I’d go back and play around with Betfair again. I also found a brilliant bit of software called The Geeks Toy which is a Betfair plugin and it’s completely free… it’s not cut down in any way that I can see.
However, it also does require some getting used to and I’m so impatient that I just had to have a play with real money. I funded my account with £100 and played with £2 stakes on the horse racing and I don’t know if it was luck or what but I made £27 in total, that’s a £27 return on my account on £2 stakes (though I did go has high as £20 on multiple £2 stakes).
I do understand the basic principles of Betfair trading by watch the graphs. With the horses, the best time is the 5 minutes before the race starts.. you get some clearish trends which allow you to bet and lay to lock in profits.. you just keep repeating it. Make sure you cover each bet however before the race starts as that’s when it gets erratic and you won’t be able to really predict what’s going on afterwards.

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