Risk Free Money Making at the Casino?

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Another day at home which is great! I’ve not looked at my trading stuff this morning as yet. I’ve got a heap of websites to build for people so I really must get on with that. I hope that I can finish (or at least have something to show) before the US market open.

My blog has had a steady stream of visitors and yesterday, I got 45! Wow! I looked at the Blogstats and people are drawn to the tags ‘free’. Everyone likes a freebie I guess, I posted some vouchers for free beer yesterday, hope some people took advantage of that!

Anyway, I want to talk about the title of this post.. ‘Risk Free Money Making at the Casino’… is this possible? Well, it is and I’ll tell you how. A couple of years ago, I began to search for ways to make some extra cash and the lure of the online casino was too great.. I’m not a gambler at heart but I wanted to see if there was a disciplined way to make some good cash from it.

I put in £200 and off I went! In 6 days, I had turned this initial seed money into £1400 in total. I took out the seed money that I initially put in.. psychologically now… this was all free money!

Ok, it wasn’t just wanton gambling, I had a structured approach and had tested some of the strategies with the demo internet casino accounts first for a few weeks before I attempted this.. like I said, I’m not a gambler and quite conservative with my cash.

I have written an ebook which details the methods here www.600percentin6days.com so have a look. It’s available for £20 (a steal I think for it’s profit potential).

Now the risk free bit… a lot of casinos will give you a bonus for signing up. For example, when I ran my account the first time, I put in my cash, received a £50 bonus and then played with my strategy. The rule is that if you lose your bonus money then you quit, take out your money and find another casino. You have to be disciplined, all online casinos are the same so don’t feel guilty… they’re here to take your money so you need all that you can do to turn the odds your way!

Once again, www.600percentin6days.com if you’re interested.

The casinos that give you a bonus are:
32 Red (Upto £100 match bonus)
InterCasino (£50 every month) – I like this one, you can start afresh each money if you lose your bonus

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