New Turtle Traders – I didn’t make it :(

Hi All,

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had gone to the New Turtle Traders assessment day after applying. I know competition would be tough and the chances slim and there were only 10 slots from the thousands of applicants. Well, I received my rejection email the other day, life goes on and this is what it said:

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Dear Turtle Applicant


Thank you once again for taking part in the Turtle Traders programme.   We received an overwhelmingly large response from all over the world, and found the quality of applicants to be exceptionally high. All of you have done extremely well and its was very difficult to select a

shortlist .


I commend you on taking the initiative to take the test and by doing so you increased the odds of

being a candidate. You made a decision and took action.


We were humbled by the level of response and have taken time to consider all applications carefully.


Our grading system was designed specifically to determine candidates for the Turtle programme and in forming a shortlist to participate in the next round of the selection process. To ensure we were fair and consistent with everyone who took the test we applied two specific criteria to the first round written test.

  • The first was consideration of your performance in the 63 true/false questions asked
  • The second was how you scored on a number of “key” questions within these.

All papers were scored on this basis and this allowed us to be objective about the cut off level for inclusion in the shortlist.


While you narrowly missed the shortlist, we firmly believe that you could have a bright career in trading should you wish to pursue it.  With the right guidance and attitude you are capable of a successful and financially rewarding future.


As you expressed interest and took action this clearly shows that you have a desire and passion for trading. Because we  are limited in the number of applicants we can hire and I know how much you want to begin your career as a trader, the least I can do is to start you on the correct trading path. I have decided to give all those who took the test something back in return.


I will schedule for you only a 3 hour, highly detailed, non commercial trading weekend seminar and invite you  to attend online as a gift. I intend to host a webinar and personally give you some of the trading rules and try to put you on the path to trading successfully and share with you some of my experiences. We will also give you a free invitation to attend the following  weekly Trade Planning Session in order to guide you so that you can apply what you learned the week before.


Again I would like to commend you for evaluating the opportunity and deciding to act irrespective of the outcome – that is the mark of a trader.



Yours truly,


Mike Baghdady


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