My Simple and Profitable Betfair Strategy

I was out all day today and don’t like to trade the financial markets if I don’t have my charts in front of me. However, I do like to look at Betfair when I’m on the road using my iPhone. There’s a wonderful app called iBetMate which you can find here:

Anyway, I was thinking about what would be good to bet on and below is how I did. Four bets and four wins. Each bet stake was £10 so in total £40 on the table but I made almost a 50% return on my money. The system I used is below:

Ok, firstly I looked at the Horse Racing markets. Look at these markets about 5-10 minutes before they are due to start (if you are too far away from the race, last minute factors affecting the horse will not be priced in). The markets which you are looking for are the AvB and the To Be Placed markets.

The AvB markets pair up two selected horses and give you the odds on which one to cross the line first. So, in a horse race of 10 horses, the AvB market will select two horses and you are only concerned about which one comes before the other (regardless of how the other horses do). The To Be Placed markets look at the odds of a horse coming in the top 3 positions (or top 2 in a race of smaller number of horses) – note, I am only interested in the horses where they are in the top 3 positions.

For AvB markets, you want the horse that you back to be within the 1.4 – 1.8 range. The other horse needs to be above 2.2. If you see this, back the one with the lower odds.

For To Be Placed markets, you are backing the horse with the shortest odds, however, it needs to be in the range 1.4 to 1.7. The other horses’ odds need to be 1.9 or above. If there’s another horse in the range 1.4 to 1.7, you don’t back any horse.

Of course, you won’t win every time so whatever you do, do not put all your money on 1 bet. I suggest that you carve up your moneypot into 10 chunks and you bet 1 chunk each time you see the above conditions. Do drop me a note if it doesn’t make sense!

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