Murray vs Troicki – Making money betting on the Tennis Game with Betfair

Another tennis match which I played with on Betfair. My strategy was based on looking at the Price/Volume chart. You can see previously that the market had gone all the way out to almost 7 previously before coming back down. When I saw that the price looked as though it was going out again, I laid £20 at 3.45. My back point was just before the height of the previous peak at 7 so I put my order to back at 6.4 (but I got 6.8) which gave me a free ride. I then greened up the amount for an average £10 win regardless of what happens.

You will note that the graphs are useful in that people feel comfortable where the price has gone before but it’s always difficult for the price to move beyond (though that’s not to say that it doesn’t happen). This is akin to technical analysis in normal financial chart trading.

As you can see below, this gives me a win/win scenario and the game as I write still hasn’t actually finished and I’ve already made my money!

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