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I like the idea of multiple streams of income and my blog was meant to detail all the stuff I get upto which is money making. Though the majority of my blog is dedicated to my trading (that is something which I have most passion in), I have dabbled and do dabble in other streams of income, one such stream is through Betfair trading.

Something I did a good few years ago was to turn £100 into £300 using Betfair betting only £5 antes. I was careful and calculated and it was simple and successful strategy. However, I ruined it by then changing my strategy, going for higher risk but higher potential rewards and also losing a lot playing Betfair Poker.

There was also a blog called The Betfair Trader which chronicled one guys aim to pay for his wedding with Betfair profits. Incidently, I am getting married next year also and the wedding budget has scared the living daylights out of me already.. I believe that I can replicated my success the first time round betting with Betfair and sticking to the initial strategy. However, I am going to start off with £500 this time and see how I get on.

Anyway, I started this morning and here are my first days results so far, ok, it’s not much to start with but it is a 3% return on my pot in one day. If I can repeat this result each day (without compounding), taking 30 days (as you can bet everyday, Saturday and Sundays included), I would make £450 which is almost a 100% return on my cash in the month. Ok, that probably isn’t going to be possible in 1 month as I find that I am always short on time to do things but I do expect that I should be able to double my money in 3 months on this initial pot. As my stake grows, I will bet more and hope the reap the profits.

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