More Clickbank Checks (or Cheques)

I have received two more Clickbank cheques since I’ve been selling the electronic products on their website:



The thing with Clickbank is that it is rather annoying for me to receive the cheques as they come from the US when I am based in the UK. The UK bank accounts also take an administration fee for processing a non British pound cheque… this means I lose a little… also, there are the currency movements.. the pound is quite weak currently and I am getting a good rate.. that has made up for it in that respect.

After your third cheque (check in the US), you can opt for Clickbank to send the money directly to your account.. this is what I’m going to be doing as it’ll save on the waiting and also the cheque processing fee. It also means that I won’t be able to receive any more of them to show you all but it does mean more money in my pocket if I don’t… I hope that’s ok for you all!

I will post something about how I made this money with Clickbank shortly so you can try….

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