More Betfair Trading with The Geeks Toy

Since the double Bank Holidays in the UK, I’ve been anxious to get back into trading and as I mentioned in my previous post, I had a look at The Geeks Toy which is a bit of software which plugs into Betfair.
Betfair has a heap of different markets to play with and using The Geeks Toy, I’ve been playing around with the horse racing markets. They are good fun and it is possible to make money on them (unlike the Casino games which are also good fun but I can never win any money on them.. I need to stop playing them!)

It’s much more safer to play with the horse racing markets prior to the race starting… 5 minutes before the race you can see the markets starting to move.. if you see that it’s moving up then you want to lay at a lower price than your win bet and vice versa if it goes the other way. I don’t know if there is a technical strategy that people use but I tend to watch it.. if it looks like it’s picking up momentum one way or the other then you just enter the market with an idea of when to get out if things look like they are going wrong. I’ve been watching the charts move for a few hours now and you sorta get a feel of where they are going and also watching the numbers against each price level gives you an indication of where the market wants to head.

Anyway, since I’m just testing, my bet amounts are very small but if you can secure a profit regardless of who wins and do it over and over again, it becomes a nice little earning machine!

See below the screengrabs (click for a larger view):

A guaranteed £1.17 on whatever happens!

Even better, £5.06 on whatever happens!

£1.37 regardless of who wins…

And the Geeks Toy ladder interface for the above race – Hexam 18:20 race – note the chart patterns.. the 3rd column (Maria Antonia) you can clearly see that the chart is going up!

Now, I’ll have to remember to keep away from the Casino games! :)


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