Mastering Betfair by Peter Nordsted book review

I just finished Peter Nordsted’s Mastering Betfair book. It’s not a book for the beginner and expects the reader to at least have a working knowledge of not only Betfair but the betting terminology. This suits me, I want to get to the next level of sophistication with Betfair and just want to get stuck in.

The first part of the book talks about the opportunity and makes you see Betfair in a different light. It’s like trading the stock market. I think mindshift in how you think about Betfair is important to get you thinking about how to trade Betfair.

The next section talks about the ‘trading’ process.. what qualities you need to have, money management, a trading plan etc. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Betfair screenshots you could be reading a financial trading book. If you read a lot of trading books which talk about the trading psychology then there’s nothing new here. However, if you haven’t it’s good to know this stuff, the ultimate book for ‘trading psychology’ however is Mark Douglas’  Trading in the Zone. In fact, there’s a mention of it in Peter’s book.

The last section is the juicy bit, the bit that I am interested in, the strategies themselves. There are a couple strategies for football, cricket, tennis and golf and ideas which will allow you to formulate your own strategies and how to backtest them.

The appendix has a month of trading with results which I found useful. It talks through the thinking process of each match and the profits/losses. After 47 bets, he’s up £532.64 which is pretty nice!

You can get the book for half price from Amazon (RRP is £24.99)

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