Huge sell off – S&P emini trading update – 15th October

The S&P emini sold off big time today! Funnily enough the EOD system which I am testing had a short from Friday and was targetting 1546.. I thought this was miles away but spookily enough, it did sell heavily and made target! I sold out half way though.. I should have followed the system.. but a profit is a profit!

Anyway, when I got home today, the market had already sold off a bit too much already. However, in the 5 min charts, I saw that the market retraced to the 5 day MA and I thought this was another chance to short! I got in at 155575 and took it to 155332 for a nice +10.

However, my next couple of trades were bad. I sold as the market broke the intraday low but it soon reversed on me… bastards!! It was a false break!

Then as the market broke above the 5 day MA, I went long to get stopped out which reversed.

I ended up -11 today (on the dummy account)! Oh well!

At least my real account is making money! :)

Huge sell off - S&P emini trading update

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