How to Learn to Trade the Stock Markets and not pay Expensive Seminar Costs

People on the road to learning to trading the financial markets read books and go to seminars for their learning. There are free seminars which lure you into a paying seminar. Many a time, the free seminars don’t show you how to do anything, they will show you want can be achieved if you go to their paying one.

The cost of these seminars are expensive and can easily be thousands of pound or dollars.

However, there is a fantastic place where you can meet people up to learn about stocks and shares or forex if you take your fancy. You can learn about trading psychology or learn some trading ideas or systems. Best of all, these can be free or a very small price.

I’m talking about! For those who have used it or know about it.. I’m sure it’s a eureka moment! I was thinking about this to the other day and it is a goldmine for your learning and education with regards to learning about trading whatever your level. It’s not just trading which you can learn here… it’s everything, it caters to all interests. For this purpose, we’re talking about trading.

For those who don’t know, it’s a site which brings like minded people together. You simply register on the site and then look for interests. It will then list all the ‘Meet Ups’ (hence the name for your interest that’s around your area. You can register to go (a lot of these are free) and then go down there and socialise, network, meet likeminded people etc.

I typed in the key term ‘trading’ and New York as my location and I can see a seminar tonight at 7pm called “Trade the Setup” and other trading events all of which you can freely join and attend.

Back in my home town in the UK, there are loads.. the London Option Trading Meetup, The London Forex Trading Meetup Group, London Traders Educational Network etc.

There are some really wonderful gems to be found here.. there is a guy who is doing a seminar for 25 people at a time for just $20 (unfortunately, it’s full booked out and he’s in the Florida in the US – no good for me!) and he’s showing people how to trade his system which has a 85% win rate!

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