How does Clickbank work?

Following my cheques (that’s how they’re spelt in the UK!), I’ve had a few people mail me to ask me what Clickbank is and how does it work. Well, for the likes of you and me, Clickbank is a seller of digital delivered products and has two modes of operation. I’ll take each in turn.

Firstly, for those people who want to sell something electronically (ie software, eBook etc), Clickbank allows you to sell your product through them. This also means for the customer purchasing your book, the reputation that Clickbank has means that they are not likely going to be duped by a rogue entrepreneur! Clickbank are very well known digital products seller and they have quite stringent criteria before a product can be released through them. This means that the buyer has confidence that after payment, they will get their product. In addition, as a seller on Clickbank, you have to follow Clickbank’s rules of providing a 60 day guarantee should the customer not like your product.

The other  function of Clickbank is that they allow you to sell other peoples products and take a commission per sale. This means that you do not even have to have your own product.  For example, if had created a product in Clickbank (as per previous paragraph), you can also set a commission rate so that anyone who promotes and sells your product can make a profit. This of course means you make less profit but at least you can get increased sales. If you want to advertise through Google, this is also expensive so buy providing a commission rate to pay those who help you sell your product, you can earn money with no further investment.

My recent Clickbank activity has revolved around the second function. I do not (yet!) have a product to sell so I am selling someone else’s product and they are paying me 50% of the retail price for each one I can sell through me.

So how does Clickbank know the sale is referred through me? Well, what you have is your ID in the link of each product that you are promoting. Clickbank can trace each order to see where it came from.. if it came from you then you can get your commission. Of course, there’s always the question of how do you know if any sales were made through you and you didn’t receive your commission? Well, you don’t.. this is the value of the Clickbank name.. they are a well known digital products reseller and any bad publicity would soon ruin their reputation. It is simply not in their interest to do this to the promoter.. they act as the middleman, as escrow. If you were promoting a product directly through to the author of a product, then there would be no way to know if they were cheating you… at least with Clickbank, they are a trusted body on the Internet who can oversee these transactions.

In a nutshell, this is what Clickbank does… I’ll write a little bit more about each of the functions of Clickbank in due course to give you a clearer pictures.

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