Goodbye holiday, time to get back into trading!

It’s been a whole week since I’ve taken a look at the charts and trading. I was a bit worried about getting back into it as it sometimes takes a wee while to resync myself with the market. I’m also a bit jet lagged and I feel that when I trade, I need to be mentally perfect.. I’m not quite feeling that right now but my girlfriend said that I must not slack so I’m back to it.

Anyway, after the initial push this morning, there seems to be a downward push.. I think we could see a significant low today.. possibly to last Thursday low and beyond! We’ll see! I am going to try and short on all pullbacks.

I’m not doing the 9-to-5 job today, I got back tomorrow so I’m concentrating my efforts on trading. So far, since 3PM GMT, I’ve made 5 trades and I’m up!! Phew!

Will post charts an stuff later on!!

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Category: money