Good move today – but not in the long term! Some trading psychology

Hi All,

My decision to close the S&P EOD trade today was a good move. I closed it at the very bottom of todays range and bagged a whopping 10 point (or 40 S&P emini equivalent prices)… hmm, lucky!

Actually, when following a system, you should really be disciplined enough to see your trades through despite what you think.. if the system has a positive expectancy, over the long term you will win. If you’re manually opening and closing trades outside the system then, in effect, you don’t have a system.

The worse thing is when you manually close and make a profit (just like I have today). This reinforces the thinking that it is good to close the trades manually.

I have been bashed around the markets enough to know this though so I know not to let this affect me.

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